Census 2021: Latest General Knowledge

Recently, the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs has released the mascot of census 2021. It may be noted that the Union Cabinet on December 24, 2019 approved the commencement of the process of Census 2021 of India and updating the National Population Register (NPR). The census will be carried out in two phases across the country. As per official estimates, the process of census 2021 will cost Rs. 8,754 crore 23 lakh. The process will be attended by 30 lakh employees from different departments of different states of the country, while the NPR will cost Rs 3941 crore 35 lakh. It may be noted that about 2.7 lakh employees from all over the country had contributed in the census 2011. Census 2021: Latest General Knowledge

Census 2021 FAQs

When will the census-2021 start?

Census to begin from April 2020

How many phases will the Census of India-2021 be completed?

The census, which begins next year across the country, will be high-tech this time. You will be able to fill the details of your house and family online at home. The census will be filled through a web portal prepared by the Directorate General. You will also have to register your mobile number in the census this time.

When is the census 2021 going to start and how many questions will be asked?

31 Quiz

In how many languages will the census take place?

This time the census will be conducted in 16 languages

What will be the population of India almost in the 2021 census?

India's population in 2021 Census approximately - 1,392,911, 681

It is very important to know the exact number of citizens of the country to determine the development of any country and its future policies. Authentic statistics on the economic and social status of citizens help the government, so every 10 years in India, census is conducted. The process of census has also seen a change over time. The process started with pen paper has been fully digitized at present. The process of Census 2021 as the 16th Census of the Country (8th after Independence) will commence from April, 2020 and the government-appointed functionaries will go door-to-door to collect data on the economic and social status of the citizens.

16th Census : Census 2021: Latest General Knowledge

The census provides the basis for planning for citizens in the country. The census for the year 2021 will be the 8th Census of the 16th and independent India of the country. India’s census process is the largest project of its kind in the world.

The theme of Census 2021 is “Public Welfare by Public Participation”.

In the first phase of Census 2021, from April to September in the year 2020, the List of Enumerator (Census Workers) Households (House Listing) and persons residing therein/in the district. Individuals (Housing Census) will collect statistics.
At the same time, updating the National Population Register (NPR) will also be done in all other states of the country except Assam.
While the second phase will be completed throughout the country from 9-28 February, 2021.

Government employees from various states of the country (except Assam) such as employees of corporations, teachers and officials from other departments will contribute to the census process.
In the 16th Census, data on economic and social status of citizens will be collected on the basis of 31 questions from each family.
Among the questions asked during census-

The name of the head of the house, house number and house condition, the wall of the house and the material used mainly in the roof.
Number of people living in the house, gender, number of married people living in the house.
Availability of drinking water and water source, toilets, washrooms and drainage systems.
Kitchen and LPG/LPG Status of PNG connection.
Radio/Radio Transister, television and Internet connections and modes of transport such as bicycle, motorcycle or car/car. Contains questions related to Jeep etc.

Features of Census 2021:

The census process, which commenced in 1872, has undergone a number of changes in time, Census 2021 will be completely paperless and the process of collection and classification of population data will be fully digital.
A mobile app released by the government will be used in the census process.
This app can be informed in 16 languages, this information will be verified by senior officials.
Census monitoring and management portal stoked to facilitate the census process and ensure its quality.

When will the census-2021 start?

Through this portal, the employees and functionaries engaged in the census will be provided with information in short time and different languages.
The assistance of state and national level training institutions will be taken for training of employees working for census.
Online facility will be provided by the people to voluntarily provide demographic data. Code directory will be provided to save time in processing the data received from the census.

On the request of the Ministries, population related information will be made available in accurate, machine readable and actionable format.
Further, the amount to be paid as honorarium to the employees working for the census has been provided for depositing directly into their bank accounts through public financial management system and direct benefit transfer.

Benefits from the use of technology in census:

Time saving: Census data can be shared with the central office in a very short time through mobile apps and internet.

Reduction in human errors: This arrangement will enable information inscribed by census enumerators to be sent directly to the central server, thereby reducing the chances of human errors in the transfer of information.


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